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Astronomical Heritage Finder

The Astronomical Heritage Finder is available either as a map or as a list. To narrow down the search results, please use the filters below. Learn more about filtering on the HowTo filter page.

Include the following listsThe Heritage Finder combines different lists of Astronomical Heritage
Astronomy and World Heritage Initiative - Case studies Sites which are also recognised as UNESCO World Heritage List entries IAU Outstanding Astronomical Heritage List Places connected to the Sky - submitted by our global community
A serial case study contains sites or objects in multiple locations (nodes) Show all nodes in each series Show only the main node (a single node selected to represent the whole series)
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  1. tangible immovable
  2. tangible movable
  3. intangible
  4. dark skies
  5. cultural-natural mixed
  6. select all (default)
  1. Property connected with astronomy
  2. Astronomical artefact
  3. Astronomical observatory
  4. Astronomical instrument
  5. Astronomical archive
  6. Starlight Reserve
  7. Starlight Oasis
  8. Indigenous beliefs
  9. Calendars
  10. Astronomical theories
  11. Astronomical calculations
  12. select all (default)
  1. Earlier prehistory
  2. Later prehistoric Europe
  3. Pre-Columbian America
  4. Indigenous uses of Astronomy
  5. Ancient and medieval Far East
  6. India
  7. Mesopotamia and the Middle East
  8. Ancient Egypt
  9. The Classical World
  10. Islamic astronomy
  11. Medieval astronomy in Europe
  12. Astronomy from the Renaissance to the mid-twentieth century
  13. The development of radio astronomy
  14. Applied astronomy in modern times
  15. Space Heritage
  16. Windows to the universe: Starlight, dark-sky areas and observatory sites
  17. select all (default)

Astronomical Heritage Finder - Legend

    Colors represent categories of astronomical heritage
  • Cultural - Tangible - Fixed
  • Cultural - Tangible - Movable
  • Cultural - Intangible
  • Cultural - Natural - Mixed
  • Natural - Dark Skies
  • Places connected to the Sky
    Shapes represent structures of serial cases studies
  • Main
  • individual cases within the case study

    Sizes represent different lists of Astronomical Heritage
  • AWHI, UNESCO, IAU lists
  • Places connected to the Sky