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Category of Astronomical Heritage: tangible immovable
Dengfeng observatory, China

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    • InfoTheme: Ancient and medieval Far East
      Entity: 61
      Subentity: 1
      Version: 4
      Status: PUB
      Date: 2012-10-04 14:28:46
      Author(s): Clive Ruggles

    Dengfeng observatory is inscribed on the

    as part of the property ’Historic Monuments of Dengfeng in ‘The Centre of Heaven and Earth’ ‘ (no. 1305).

    Integral to the Statement of OUV is the fact that Mount Songshang, where Dengfeng observatory is located, was considered the centre of heaven and earth. As such, it was the only place where astronomical observations were considered to be accurate, a concept that was strongly linked with the idea of imperial power. The mountain was also a centre for religious devotion.



    Ancient and medieval Far East

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