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Category of Astronomical Heritage: tangible immovable
Pic du Midi de Bigorre Observatory, France: General description

General view
PdM in 1925
PdM in 1948
Cable car station, 1950
Cable car, 1952
PdM in 1960
PdM in 1963
PdM in 1990
Cable car, 2000
Museographic space
Coronograph dome
Cable-car line
PdM in 2000
Baillaud Dome in 1907
Baillaud Dome in 2013
Gentili Dome in 1947
Gentili Dome in 2013
Tourelle Dome in 2013
Lyot Dome in 2013
Lyot Dome in 1974
Coronograph image, 1935
PdM by night
T60 in 2012
T60 in 1947
JRT & dome in 2012
JRT & dome plan
T1M in the 1950s
Lyot Dome Interior
SU Aurigae
Movable objects inventory, 1
Movable objects inventory, 2
Summit in 1908
Ascent in 1906
Aerial view
Baillaud Telescope in 1947
Tourism in 2014
Winter in 2008
Dark Sky Reserve
Lighting before
Lighting after
Terrace with tourists today
Above the clouds
Plantade Station in 1875
Plantade Station in 2013
PdM in 1891
PdM in 1920