In collaboration with the
International Astronomical Union

Community project

Places connected to the sky

We are launching a project so that a wider community can submit information about heritage places that have a significant connection to the sky. This is separate from the case studies that form the main content of the portal, but these Places connected to the sky will also be searchable using the astronomical heritage finder. In the map/list below, you will find an example that shows what we have in mind. If you would like to join this global effort and submit a place yourself, we ask you to create a user account first. Once your account is activated, you can submit the place you are interested in to our database. After an initial evaluation of your submission, you will be asked to provide more detailed information about that place and how it is connected to the sky. When also this information is received and evaluated, it will be added to your submission and the place will be published. If you act promptly, your submission could still be among the first places to appear when the project is launched!