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Otford Solar System

The Otford Solar System is a scale model of the solar system constructed in and around a small village in south-east England. It is not the largest to-scale representation of the Solar System in the world but it is unique in two respects. First, it accurately depicts the spatial configuration of the planets at a moment in time—midnight on 1 January 2000. Second, it includes four of the nearest stars, to scale and at approximately at the correct distance, in locations around the world. The Otford solar system provides visitors of all ages with an extraordinary insight into the size of the solar system and the larger universe in relation to our small planet.

Otford village
Otford sun
Otford Sun [LARGE]
Sun and Earth
Earth on its pillar
Inner solar system
Mars on its plate
Jupiter pillar
Jupiter on its pillar
Saturn pillar
Uranus pillar
Neptune pillar
Pluto pillar
Heritage cente map
Proxima Cen in Los Angeles
Proxima Cen in Los Angeles
Sirius in Sydney
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